SHE IS Awakened White agate with turquoise 14MM

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OMI beads are made by Nashville based jewelry designer Joy OMI Walling. Joy's vision was to create a simple piece of jewelry for every age woman to wear day or night. The bracelets are made with semi-precious stones and charms that give positive energy and good vibes. All of her designs are made with love in Tennessee. 

SHE IS Awakened by the darkness of CV-19 that has spread upon the world but she saw the light ahead. When everything stops she saw that the heart of every individual was awakened to love that resides in each precious moment. She realized that there was a knowing that peace was prevailing over our beautiful earth. Mother Nature smiles feeling the love and appreciation spreading upon the earth by putting the pollution on pause, families back together enjoying each other. She knew that the Earth is slowing unplugging, healing, shedding layers of darkness and becoming more beautifully balanced and protected like never before. She was awakened by the beauty of what is to come from the darkness and believed in her heart that we will rise above the storm and find the sunshine soon. Let there be peace on earth. Let there be light ahead to awaken all of us to a beautiful re-set around the world.   

Standard size fits wrist 6"-6.5".

For other sizes, please add details in message at checkout.